Plastic Eating Worms?

A humongous problem in the modern world is our consumption and subsequent disposal of plastics. The world currently uses an average of one trillion polyurethane plastic bags per year. Even with many people recycling or reusing them, many of the bags end up in the environment every year which is very bad because polyurethane is […]

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How to Avoid Air Pollution

The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) recently released a paper detailing how you should protect yourself from air pollution. They said that pollution can have negative effects, such as childhood asthma, and causes problems for pregnant women, and also it can cause or worsen other diseases. One way they say you can protect yourself […]

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Guest blog post from Real Science

Isaac Newton was an English scientist, mathematician, physicist and astronomer, who was widely known as one of the most influential scientists of all times, especially during the scientific revolution. Born with no “real” parents, Isaac Newton had a very depressing childhood. Newton’s father died before he was born, and his mother married a wealthy clergyman, […]

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Drought Resistant Rice

Scientists at the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resources have developed a rice crop that can survive through droughts. It was in collaboration with the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) as well as the Japanese International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS). They used a gene from the Arabidopsis plant and when the gene was […]

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Harvard geneticist George Church announced earlier this year that creating a mammoth-elephant hybrid fetus could be possible in the next few years. I’ll admit, this prospect is extremely interesting, taking an animal that hasn’t been alive for thousands of years and magically bringing their species back to life. It would be amazing to bring back […]

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From Food Waste to Tires

I recently read an article on that talked about how researchers at the Ohio State University found out that they can reuse food waste to make fillers for tires. They are using egg shells and tomato peels to create a substitute for carbon black. Carbon black is an oil based filler for tires that […]

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