Hello World

Photo credits to nexogy.com

I’m making this blog as a part of my business class as an example of online communication and I decided to make it about recent scientific discoveries. Both science and business interest me so I decided to combine them both in this project. You can expect this blog to give information about recent scientific discoveries or breakthroughs as long as their effects on humans, the environment, or general understanding of science. I hope to give a basic understanding of recent scientific breakthroughs that the everyday person can understand. I will use various sources to better understand a topic and, hopefully, communicate it clearly to help people learn without having to be an expert. I’m going to talk about a wide range of scientific topics such as physics, biology, chemistry, or anything else that interests me. I will obtain my sources from various scientific journals, articles, and web pages.

Picture of a leaf I took at school.

The main reason that I chose for this blog to be science is because I have always been interested in it. I’m also interested in photography and business. I may occasionally post about these topics if I find articles that are relevant and interesting or possibly even include pictures I have taken if they fit with the topic at hand. If you have any questions feel free to comment!


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