How to Avoid Air Pollution

The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

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recently released a paper detailing how you should protect yourself from air pollution. They said that pollution can have negative effects, such as childhood asthma, and causes problems for pregnant women, and also it can cause or worsen other diseases. One way they say you can protect yourself from air pollution is by understanding wind pattern. This makes sense if you think about it, if you live near an area where air pollution is prevalent, such as near a highway or factory, you should know what the wind is like so you know where it will be pushed to. If the wind is blowing towards where you are you should make sure you are inside or that your windows are shut. Another way to protect yourself from air pollution is to know what time of day it is. The article says that during the summer the ozone pollution in the summer reaches its peak in the early afternoon and it says that, to avoid it, you should avoid vigorous exercise at those times.

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You should also take into account that there will be a lot more traffic in the mornings and afternoons because of people coming and going to work so you should be aware that there will be more air pollution at those times. The last tip that they give is to keep the air in your house clean. This is another one that seems obvious, you should make sure that the air in your house or apartment to ensure the air that you breath throughout the day and as you sleep isn’t bad for you. The article says you can do this by using a high efficiency air purifier. Obviously completely avoiding air pollution is not possible but if you follow these steps it can help reduce the amount you are exposed to.

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